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2015-08-04 21:30 Goetz Gramlich 德国


Goetz Gramlich 出生和成长在德国海德堡。他在达姆施塔特(Darmstadt)工业大学学习信息设计,并长时间工作在瑞士Willisau,服务于尼古拉斯·特罗斯乐工作室,在那期间他的设计观受到了积极的影响。2005年他回到海德堡,开设了自己的工作室——GGGrafik。他参加了世界各地的许多海报比赛,并取得了不俗的业绩,如Graphis 白金奖、2012中国国际海报双年展评审奖、数个德奥瑞海报100佳、红点设计奖等,入选了东京TDC和纽约TDC年鉴......他还获得了德国和奥地利设计奖的提名。

Götz gramlich is 37 years old and was born and raised in heidelberg/germany. he studied communication design in darmstadt and had a longer stay at studio niklaus troxler in willisau, switzerland, which changed his views on graphic design in a very positive way! 2005 he came back to heidelberg, opened his own studio “gggrafik design”. götz successfully took part in many poster competitions around the world, and got some nice prizes for his posters, like graphis gold an platinum awards, jury prize china poster biennale 2012, several 100best posters germany/austria/switzerland, red dot design award, he was published in the tdc tokyo and tdc ny annuals … actually, hes nominated for the german and austrian design award.


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