Permafrost - 100 racer

2016-04-19 01:00

Permafrost - 100 racer

A symbol of science and progress, the automobile industry has transformed the world we live in. The car has shaped our cities and our landscape, in fact our entire way of life. The concept of rational design, pursuing ideals like efficiency, standardisation and functionality, made the car into an affordable middle class ambition.

Designed by the outstanding Norvegian studio Permafrost, The 100 RACER wooden toy car is an ideal gift for a Transportation Designer. Neither futuristic nor retro, the 100 RACER is inspired by the rational simplicity of an aerodynamic race car and a tribute to modern car manufacturing 

- Maufacturer: Permafrost
- Materials: Beech wood
- Dimensions: 120 x 70 mm





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