Sugarillos Sugar Sticks by Mousegraphics

2016-05-18 12:57 Mouse

Sugarillos Sugar Sticks by Mousegraphics

The briefing: "can we show people that, this lot of sugar is actually a spoonful of sugar? Can we also make a nice sugar pack that people will buy to decorate their table or cup with?"

The target consumer: all

The design: this work is our very conscious decision to visually transcribe the client's first and second wish. To be, both, very matter-of-fact about the content (quantity), and quite straightforward as to this content's value (quality) and special aesthetics (packaging). The result is as sincere as a design can possibly get, without the connotations of 'boring'... (Come to think about it, it almost sounds like what the i-pad is for a book… in sugar terms)





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